RK Smith Productions Presents
2012 NPC Seven Feathers Classic Bodybuilding
Figure, Fitness, Bikini & Physique Championship
An awesome show.  Never a dull moment at 7 Feathers!
Wow, amazing show.  Huge show.  207 competitors total this year.  Biggest Bikini divisions ever!  59 bikini competitors alone, in another great RK Smith production. 

The finest competitors from all over come to 7 Feathers Casino to compete in the finest show in Oregon.  The Men's Physique division is also growing with 24 competitors.  Women's Physique is a new standout division.  Kind of like Women's bodybuilding, with slightly different posing, but it attracted some fine competitors.  The Figure division is still a strong showing, becoming ever more competitive in the process.  All divisions were well represented, with bodybuilding, mixed pairs, fitness, men and women's physique, bikini and figure.  Some standout divisions were the Women Figure over 5 '7, with some statuesque beauties competing, and the largest class in Figure.  Men's Novice Light Heavyweight was also awesome to watch.  Masters Men over 60 was amazing, with two men who looked years younger and could have competed in any open class.  Bikini Women under 5'6 was the largest class of any division, with 18 gorgeous athletes strutting their stuff.  It was an incredible class.  Bikini under 5 '4 was a really tough class to judge, with many callouts by the judges. 

The evening show is the fun part, everyone gets to strut, do their T turns, and their posing routines.  And of course, when it comes to posing the great guest posers, IFBB Pro, Branden Ray and fellow IFBB Pro Stephen Frazier, blew up the stage with their respective guest posing.  Expect to see more of these phenomenons.  They are superb athletes!

Amazing overall winners this year. Figure overall winner was Clarissa Evans, Masters Figure overall winner went to Jill Van Atta, new division overall winner in Women's Physique went to Jean Nicholas.  Novice bodybuilding Men was given to Ivan Melville, Masters Men was won by the outstanding and youthful Bill Pliska.  Open Women was deservedly given to Toni Brown, and Open Men winner was the awesome Travis Danielson.  In Physique Men, overall went to the incredible Alex Atanasov, expect to see much more of him.

A special callout this year to the overall Bikini winner, Amy Morgan.  She looked amazing and won her class and overall.  Way to go. 

Gone, but not forgotten was Genevieve Moreno, whose life was sadly taken in an unfortunate accident.  Her memory will always be present at each and every show until Ron and Sue no longer produce the 7 Feathers Classic.  Stay tuned for more updates to the page and see you next year!  Don't forget the upcoming Oregon Ironman in May 2013.  Check out RK Smith's site for more info!
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