2015 NPC R.K. Smith Productions Championship
Fun Pics, Team Pics, New Pros, and stuff!
New R.K. Smith former competitors turned IFBB Pro in 2015 were honored on stage at the Finals. There were Lauren Irick and Vanessa Santana . They received engraved plaques of their accomplishment. (*Note Outstanding Trainer Danny Beck who coached Vanessa Santana was a bit late arrive on stage so he is photographed with the next two ladies honored, Erica Blockman and Francesca Lauren, who were not trained by Danny. Ron was presenting and things got confusing on what was happening, it was actually a fine moment of humor (to everyone but Ron most likely) But things turned out awesomely.
New Pros Lauren & Vanessa
Erica and Francesca
Vanessa and Danny Beck
Two new superstars
Some fine physiques
Angle shot of stage
Overall trophy
Overall comparisons
Casino sign
2015 West Coast Bodybuilding